Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Bar
Allow us to introduce Sapporo View Hotel Oodori Kouen's restaurants.

Restaurant & Bar Guide

Enjoy fine dining that values seasonal atmosphere, including local ingredients, to your satisfaction in our spacious restaurants.

  • Chinese Restaurant Luhua

    Chinese Restaurant Luhua

    Expansive windows and an interior that evokes a Western atmosphere.Gather around a round table and savor diverse Beijing cuisine cultivated over a long history to your heart's content.

  • Grill Buffet, Restaurant and Bar Audrey

    Grill Buffet, Restaurant and Bar Audrey

    Choose from more than 50 delicious dishes!Enjoy the ambience and conversations with the chefs that only an open kitchen can offer.

  • Lounge Hotel-Made Cake

    Lounge Hotel-Made Cake

    Audrey's interior showcase is lined with the hotel patissier's specialty sweets and breads.Enjoy hotel-made deliciousness in your own home as well.

Sapporo View Hotel Oodori Kouen's restaurants & bars information.Looking for a city hotel, ryokan, or other accommodation in the Sapporo area? Come to Sapporo View Hotel Oodori Kouen.