Narita Onsen / Other Facilities

Narita Onsen / Other Facilities
Introducing natural hot springs, open-air baths, and spa resorts. When looking for hotels equipped with hot spring facilities in the Narita / Narita Airport area of Chiba, please think of Narita View Hotel.

Narita Onsen "BIYU"

This is the first natural hot spring facility inside a hotel in the Narita area. This sodium-chloride hypertonic onsen springs from 1,000m underground and is said to be effective at maintaining body temperature, relieving fatigue and nerve pain, and beautifying the body.

  • Open-air Bath (Men)
    Open-air Bath (Men)
  • Herbal Bath (Women)
    Herbal Bath (Women)
    *The type of herbs used in the bath are changed daily.
  • Open-air Bath (Women)
    Open-air Bath (Women)
  • Reception
  • Sauna (Men)
    Sauna (Men)
  • Relaxation Area
    Relaxation Area
  • Massage Room
    Massage Room

Facility Overview

Area / Bathing House 357m2, Relaxation Area 224m2
Spring Type / Sodium-Chloride Hypertonic Onsen
Efficacy / Nerve pain, joint pain, chills, etc.
Men's Baths / house bath, recline bath, oven bath, rock bath, sauna and cold-water bath.
Women's Baths / house bath, oven bath, rock bath, mist sauna and herbal bath.
Relaxation Area / relaxation area, women-only relaxation area, massage room, etc.

Office Hours

12:00PM - 12:00AM (reception closes at 11:30PM)/6:00AM - 9:00PM (only for certain lodging plans)

Bath Charge

[Day-trip] Adult 1,500 yen (Bath w/tax)
Age 4 - elementary school students 750 yen
[Special Prices for Guests] Adult 1,000 yen (Bath w/tax), Age 4 - elementary school student 750 yen

  • *Unfortunately we cannot allow inebriated individuals or individuals with tattoos (including small, decorative or pressed-type tattoos.)
  • *Children are not allowed to use the baths if they are still in diapers.
  • *We may limit the number of bathers allowed in during the busy season.

Other Facilities

  • Karaoke


    Main Bldg. 1F/2F
    Hours / 5:30pm 11:00pm
    Accomodates up to 30 people.
    *Reservation necessary.

  • Convenience store

    Convenience store

    Main Bldg. 2F
    Hours / 8:00am - 11:00pm
    Easy-to-access convenience store. (snacks, makeup, clothing accessories, souvenirs, candy, etc.)

  • Internet Corner

    Internet Corner

    Main Bldg. 2F Lobby
    For 100 yen, you can use the internet for 10 minutes.

  • Coin laundry

    Coin laundry

    Garden Wing 1F
    Hours / 12:00pm (noon) - 12:00am (midnight)
    Washer 1 cycle 200 yen, Dryer 20 min. 100 yen, Detergent for 1 load 50 yen

At the Narita View Hotel, we provide a variety of services, such as restaurant, wedding, banquet and conference services, in addition to natural hot springs, open-air baths, spa resorts, and even lodging reservations for city hotels and sightseeing hotels. We hope you have a wonderful, unforgettable time, surrounded by the natural beauty here at this airport resort.